Michelle Gonzales

Co-owner, Designer and Creative Developer

With a background in nursing, Michelle has always had a desire to help people (and to be a superhero). Jacrise describes her as a visionary who can whip up a killer floral arrangement at the drop of a hat. Not only does Michelle have a gift with flowers, she can also turn stressful days into days of deep belly laughs and dance parties. She lives in Hamilton with her husband and sweet daughter, Felicity. She enjoys being anywhere they are, the thrill of a good story and a warm summer night.




Co-owner, Designer and Studio Manager

Jacrise owned and operated Redeeming Garden Florals before she merged with Wildfell. According to Michelle, Jacrise (or Jakie as she is affectionately known) is super cool and the possessor of all kinds of raw talent. Jakie is a wizard with bouquets and ribbons and is also very good at helping Michelle keep calm under pressure. She is married to her childhood sweetheart. They live in Kitchener with their darling corgi dog, and they enjoy walking by the water and cooking delicious, healthy food.

WILDFELL is a contemporary floral design company. We have personally experienced how beauty and specifically flowers can bring healing to humanity and we want to share that with everyone. We take inspiration from the wonder of nature, other people’s stories, and our friendship. We love working together. We take care of each other and are better together.

WILDFELL was founded by Michelle in 2016, and Jacrise joined shortly after as partner. Both Michelle and Jacrise are graduates from the Toronto Flower School in Mississauga, Ontario.